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From Concept to Commercialization

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Market intel to move your idea from concept to development



Quality market inputs to drive the successful development of your product



Experienced resources to guide and execute clinical, regulatory and product validation



Pre-launch preparation to post-launch surveillance, our experience and expertise can help streamline market introductions



Effective strategies and tools to accelerate market adoption in the U.S. and beyond

Your Team

Lauren Lee (Geisbert) Lehman


Chermaen Lindberg


Jane Edwards, CCRA

VP Clinical Research

Kirsten Dorsey

Operations Manager

Why Companies Love Working with L3

Innovative Design

L3 was able to take a startup budget and deliver a design aesthetic of a Fortune 500. Read More>>

Han Chen CEO, ZeaKal, Inc.

High Quality Clinical Tools

L3 provided high quality educational and promotional tools for our target clinical audience. Read More>>

Scott Mader President & CEO, Clindevor 360

Effective Content Marketing

L3 delivered a really effective marketing platform through social media, email newsletters and blogs. Read More>>

Brad Tritle President & CEO, Vitaphone U.S.

Rapid Integration

I instantly had a fully capable marketing department, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new team from scratch. Read More>>

Jonathan Ruais Vice President, Global Marketing, Opsens

Superior Website Design

The day after going live, we saw an increase in customer interest via the site. Read More>>

Scott Brown President, Brown Box Financial Services

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