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Kirsten Dorsey
Director, Operations and Client Services

San Diego, California

844.534.6835 x202

Kirsten possesses over ten years of management and marketing experience.  She has worked with L3 since 2013 and provides world-class support and project management spanning graphic design, development of corporate and investor materials, tradeshow coordination and event planning, and overall management of many L3 project deliverables.  She is highly organized, accountable and an amazing asset to help ensure jobs are well-managed, successfully completed and often exceed expectations. You’ll be glad Kirsten is on your team.

Kirsten earned her associates degree in business administration from San Diego City College in 2018 and her bachelor’s in business administration at San Diego State University in 2020.

I have worked with Kirsten since 2015.  We have tackled lots of complex tasks together. She is extremely detail oriented and thoughtful about how to execute a task. She considers old/new notes and thinks of things we may not have seen or thought about. She is great to partner with! She is easy going, yet you know your order is going to be given great care and will be done very thoroughly. From concept to completion she has her clients’ interests at heart and in mind. She is skillful and efficient – with her time, and mineI love working with her!”

Kandece Brown, Finistere Ventures