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Increase Awareness of the Clinical Evidence

Clinical market awareness and development of thought leaders is the cornerstone to successfully rolling out novel medical products. It is imperative to devise a market development strategy and medical education strategy that provides meaningful utility for healthcare stakeholders. Medical education programming and events can be very costly, making a thoughtful and targeted approach essential for the most efficient use of your clinical market development and medical education dollars.

As you’ll experience with L3’s integrated approach, we have the experience and presence to establish an understanding of your market and product so that we can quickly contribute to your medical education goals. We help open doors and minds to new practices that improve healthcare. We will work with you to design a medical education strategy, identify thought leaders, and provide educational resources to build your market.

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Our approach to education includes:

  • Devising clinical market education strategy.
  • Identification and development of key opinion leaders, speaker’s bureau and medical education materials
  • Identifying proof sources that support the educational message
  • Development of comprehensive medical education materials
  • Coordinating and execution of market and clinical education programs
  • Development and implementation of laboratory accreditation processes

High Quality Clinical Tools

L3 provided high quality educational and promotional tools for our target clinical audience. Read More>>

Scott Mader President & CEO, Clindevor 360

Rapid Integration

I instantly had a fully capable marketing department, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new team from scratch. Read More>>

Jonathan Ruais Vice President, Global Marketing, Opsens