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MedAnalytica™ – Healthcare Market Data and Healthcare Modeling

Product, market and organizational decisions are best made with smart, accurate market intelligence.

L3 MedAnalytica offers:

  • Access to publicly available healthcare data to help guide market and product strategy, resource allocation and targeting.
  • Market research services to collect market and product inputs and gain important technical, clinical, economic and operational insights.
  • Evidence-based healthcare modeling to assist with resource allocation, pricing, and value proposition development, as well to project clinical, economic and operational outcomes (CEO Outcomes).

For additional details on our many services, please contact us.

Value of health economic modeling:

  • Understanding the balance between product performance and clinical value
  • Identifying clinical, economic and operational advantages of the product
  • Identifying competitive advantages that enhance product positioning
  • Defining the value proposition for products and markets
  • Establishing or validating pricing strategies based on comparable systems while factoring in the cost benefits to the healthcare system
  • Establishing or refining the profile of an ideal customer
  • Sales and other resource allocation
  • Targeting high value and high probability opportunities
  • Expediting the sales process by ensuring there are meaningful exchanges between sales and the customer and for providing additional evidence that support test adoption

High Quality Clinical Tools

L3 provided high quality educational and promotional tools for our target clinical audience. Read More>>

Scott Mader President & CEO, Clindevor 360