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Martin Coe, MS, CSEP
Quality Assurance Manager

Denver, Colorado

With over thirty years of project management and medical/biomedical device design and development experience for various healthcare leaders, Martin Coe is Quality Assurance Manager at L3 Healthcare Solutions. Throughout his career, he has developed and implemented Quality Management Systems (QMS), led organizational New Product Development (NPD) process improvements, managed technical teams through development, and functioned as lead engineering contributor for projects.


Prior to his work with L3, Martin was Principal Systems Engineer (Medical Devices: Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions) at Medtronic, where he led systems engineering efforts on multiple NPI projects. He has also previously held positions such as Engineering Consultant/Technical Manager of Biomedical at Intelligent PD, Systems Engineer (Medical Devices) at Baxa, and Systems Engineer (Medical Devices) at Beckman Coulter. While at Intelligent PD, he managed R & D activities and deliverables, as well as developing and implementing QMS, and writing and executing >300 process validation protocols. He has won 2 awards for NPI process improvements and been recognized by an international regulatory agency for the quality of his medical device requirements.


Martin has led or contributed to the development of over 30 medical/biomedical devices including a brain level monitoring system, cell analyzer, flow cytometer, pulse oximeters, and more. He was part of the engineering team on a robotic DNA analyzer project for Applied Biosystems as part of the Human Genome project; and is a published author of several white papers, books, and training curriculum in systems engineering/technical fields, in addition to being a professional speaker and technical instructor.


Martin earned his BS degree in Electronics Engineering from Metropolitan State University and holds an MS in Systems Engineering from Southern Methodist University. He is also certified in Lean & Design for Six Sigma methods, and is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (INCOSE CSEP).