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Gabrielle Felix
Graphic Designer

San Diego, California

844.534.6835 x215

With over five years of experience in art and design, Gabrielle supports L3 clients with a wide range of graphic design skills in corporate and product branding, packaging, handcrafting, and illustrating, as well as creative development, social media and email marketing.  Based on additional experience in customer service, she believes in a collaborative approach to developing strong campaigns with compelling graphics that help achieve our clients’ business goals.

Prior to joining L3, Gabrielle was a Graphic Designer at Sound United where she managed multiple projects including holiday campaigns and product packaging that required balancing graphics with content to optimize consumer awareness and convey product value. Prior to Sound United, she designed creative artwork for Schurman Retail Group, owner of Papyrus Greeting Cards, where she coordinated graphic and project deliverables with overseas vendors, helped develop and lead seasonal campaigns and supported trade shows. Gabrielle was also a Graphic Artist for Whole Foods Market where she created numerous branded signage, décor, and large-scale displays.

Gabrielle’s love for art and artistic talents are not only evident in her work but also within the community.  She loves supporting younger art enthusiasts and for several years worked at the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA teaching grades K-12 art and design.  Gabrielle graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts from San Diego State University in Applied Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in Graphic Design.