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Better Trials by Design

L3 Clinical Trials (L3CT), a division of L3 Healthcare, is a comprehensive Clinical Research Organization (CRO).  We are focused on assisting our clients in commercializing in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and medical device technology through FDA and ICH compliant strategic trial design and deployment.  We offer an integrated and comprehensive suite of services that can support an entire clinical trial program: from study concept to data analysis and reporting.  Our efficient and cost-effective model uniquely positions L3CT to provide clients with premium services at the most affordable industry rates.

With streamlined clinical trial designs and experience in IVD and medical device trials, we lay a solid framework for optimal results.  It is critically important to have resources with relevant experience and expertise to help identify optimal teams and processes that successfully and cost effectively facilitate completion of a study.  We globally provide healthcare organizations with specialized clinical trial knowledge and resources needed to help demonstrate safety and efficacy.

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L3 clinical trials:

  • Clinical strategy development and planning
  • Protocol development
  • Clinical trial management
  • Data management (including electronic data capture)
  • Statistical analysis
  • Coordination of clinical trials, outcomes and clinical case studies that showcase clinical and economic value
  • Publication strategy and editorial guidance for publication development to maximize the credibility and utility of data published in peer-reviewed journals